Irish American String Band


Mummers Parade 2007 - Don't rain on our parade

About Us

Irish-American String Band is a volunteer organization, from northeast Philadelphia PA area, formed on Saint Patrick's Day in 1998. String bands have a unique sound. Add in Philadelphia area's mummer tradition to bring color and excitement to that sound!

Irish-American is rapidly making their name known with numerous appearances throughout the year. Entertaining and delighting people with performances at wedding receptions, private dinner parties, and national conventions as well as community parades in Virginia, Massachusetts, Delaware, and around the Pennsylvania-New Jersey area. They also performed in Ireland at Dublin's Saint Patrick's Day parade in 2002.


The glittering feather-bedecked members of Irish-American String Band play a variety of tunes with captain, Kelly Marie Mahon, leading the way with struts and spins. The accompanying, but equally colorfully attired, troupe of dancers encourage audience members and spectators of all ages to sing, clap, or dance along with the string band's music.


Some of the tunes include 'Bye 'Bye Blues, (Oh 'Dem) Golden Slippers, Alabama Jubilee, Leaving Liverpool, The World Is Waiting For A Sunrise, and many more crowd favorites!


Highlighting the year is Irish-American String Band's participation in the annual Philadelphia Mummers Parade. This historical event features and spotlights all the different classes or levels of area mummery groups: comics, fancies, and fancy brigades with the string bands bringing the evening to a rousing close.


It is a truly unique parade, held on January 1st in Philadelphia for over 100 years and lasting for 8 to 9 hours, with people literally dancing & 'strutting' in the streets!